Pursuit of Optimum

We play an important role in contributing to a lot of
people as a bridge that connects suppliers and customers.

During this more than a quarter century, we have been putting our blood into the wire cloth business for the industrial mesh filters without expanding the business territory to any other business fields. We are always willing on exploring and enhancing our professionalism in this mesh industry, so that we can confidently give you the best support all the time.

We are very happy if our company and yours can be the best partners in this field, and also, we can contribute happiness to each other’s lives.

As a family owned company, Meiko has its own strong points based on the one of our principles, “To be the best trading company is to be the most compact.”

The best way to meet your needs 

We can meet your needs the most promptly and flexibly based on the united and the best teamwork between Meiko and the suppliers.
Such teamwork has been flourishing strongly because the majority of the suppliers have worked hand in hand with Meiko since it has founded.
Even if there are any unexpected instances come along in our business, such team work enables us to have a table for negotiation as soonest as possible in order to find the best way for improvement.


The best way to give you the best delivery and the price 


This is the reason why we can stably give you the best delivery and the price. The excess process and the time to reach the final decision are cut down as the decision is always promptly given depending on the each company’s leader.
The system of Meiko as a family owned business enables us to cut down the manpower cost to offer the best price we could.


Wire Material


Mesh Type


Quality and Process Control 

The compatibility of high quality and competitive price is necessary to survive in the mesh business today. The high quality and the process are controlled as follow.

Machines control 

Machines are always checked seriously, moreover, an annual maintenance period is set down based on the specification. When the analyser indicates irregular range on a machine, the machine is repaired by the technical operator or pulls out and brings to technical laboratory.

Quality control 

The quality control is carried out based on the specification. If any problem is found, the problem is reported and submitted to the person in charge. The problems for each subject such as machines, materials and others are discussed on a meeting to come up with the best solution immediately.

In order to avoid an unexpected quality problem 

Checking machine is not only carried out based on the specification and its manual but also depending on the operator’s exceptional ability to maneuver the machine and detect the wire and weaving process problems.
This quality problem would happen during the production, even though a quality problem occurs, the wire range is within the tolerance. Sometimes, there isn’t any sort of manual for such an unexpected quality problem. The only way to avoid this inevitable circumstance is the ability of the operator to recognize the difference on the production including wires or weaving problems. Therefore, operators have to keep an eye on and check the texture of the weaving wire cloths exquisitely. To maintain the wire cloth superb quality, the allocated operators have to finish the production process by themselves. It is believed that human sense is incomparable to any other sort of technology to notice upcoming problems.