What the Meiko’s logotype stand for? 

When we founded our company in 1989 with an apartment which had only a simple kitchen and the room which size of six tatami mats (12FT x 9FT/364cm x 273cm,) three of the friends, who gave us their helping hand.

Two of them were Mr. Sibaike with Sibaike – Chu Wire Cloth Co., and Mr. Sakamoto with Shinwa Wire Cloth Co.,

They encourage and told me “Hey, Never Give it Up! Let’s join our hands to open up our bright future!” I still clearly remember the phrase which had kept on encouraging me without giving up in that tough period.


Another man who helped me was Mr. Naito with Meiko (MK) Bussan Co., (Now closed) He had supported and happily accepted me as a worker temporary in his Co., until I found the path to the future.

Meiko’s logotype stands for two of my principles “Trying never lose my initial enthusiasm” and “showing the feeling of gratitude to the two men who helped me in my endeavors.”

In order to always keep the principles in my mind, I named my company after Mr. Naito’s company name, Meiko (Bright Communication in Japanese) to always keep me grounded, and also, the initial of my friends “S” bears the logotype of my company, MK.